The End Of Avvo Legal Services
Avvo Legal Services launched in 2016 offering limited-scope, fixed-fee, legal services in 18 states. Avvo terminated the service in July. The service offered direct access to attorneys who provided limited-scope legal services at a fixed fee, including reviewing legal documents, uncontested divorces and citizenship applications. Avvo Legal Services found a niche of users who needed legal help but could not afford regular attorney legal fees. From the beginning, however, the service ran into ethical challenges. Over time, eight states ruled lawyers could not participate in the service. The battle with state bar associations regarding Avvo legal services related mainly to fee splitting that raised ethical flags. It culminated in Avvo ending its service at the end of July 2018, although the company claims ethical issues were not to blame. Avvo was bought by Internet Brands in early 2018, and its new owner soon faced issues. North Carolina's State Bar Authorized Practice Committee sent a