Should Law Firms Really Care About Online Reviews?
Relative to other professionals, attorneys may pride themselves on eschewing reviews and even advertising in favor of more traditional word of mouth, referrals and repeat business. They may tell themselves that their client base is too savvy to rely on the opinions of strangers when making such an important decision. However, it would be a mistake to discount the power of online reviews, whether positive or negative. Consumers of all stripes increasingly rely on reviews to choose products and services. Even individuals who do not actively seek out reviews may be influenced by them. Search engines often display ratings right alongside search results. If a potential client has no prior knowledge of attorneys in search results, they are very likely to go with the better-reviewed option. There are many sites that host law firm reviews, and keeping an eye on all of them is virtually impossible. Lawyers may think of only the big legal-specific sites like Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell. But a