Safely and Effectively Maximize Your Legal Case Management Budget
Since the early 1990's, case management software has steadily increased its market share year over year. As the practice of law became more complex, using tools to manage this complexity has become a necessity for big and small firms alike. In the early days of adoption, the cost of proper case management software was prohibitive for small firms. Large firms needed robust and multifaceted programs that handled a variety of practice areas and were able to collect data on every type of law a large firm handled. However, even firms that specialized in one area of the law still needed software that could handle niche markets. Therefore, it is not surprising that over the years case management software programs have become leaner and cheaper, and accessible to one and two attorney firms. This article will review the options for small firms to safely and effectively maximize their case management budget in order to compete with big firms for market share. Server-based vs. Cloud-based