Law Firms, Say Hello to Your Robot Lawyer
The new robot lawyer will be better than the human one with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI, although still in its infancy, is changing the legal profession profoundly. What is AI? Artificial intelligence is the term used when computers and machines are able to perform tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence. This includes understanding language, solving problems and making decisions based on patterns and data. Computers can perform these tasks multiple times faster than any human. Because AI can scan and analyze large sets of data and learn from the data, it can see patterns that humans cannot. Being able to learn tasks on their own, without human intervention, is known as machine learning. Machine learning is accomplished by giving data to the algorithms so they can learn and improve. This is why the use of AI in the legal profession is a game-changer. Legal Research and E-Discovery The first areas of the legal profession that embraced the use of