Is it Time for a Law Firm Website Redesign?
The time has come. You are ready to take the plunge and redesign your website. However, redesigning a website requires a lot of people's time, money and effort. Before you start your website redesign journey, you will need to evaluate your reasons for redesigning your website and your needs for the new site. Set SMART Goals Before diving into the redesign process you will need to assess your reasons for wanting a redesign and identify your goals. Ask yourself, "Do I really need a redesign?" Vague and subjective reasons such as, simply not liking your current website or because your competitor changed their website are not strong reasons to pursue a redesign. Here are a few good reasons to redesign your website: The website is outdated or not on brand. If your website is not keeping up with the times and looks like it was made five or ten years ago, it may be time for a refreshed look. Your website does not have to follow the latest trend-of-the-year. However a clean, focused and modern