How to Improve Page Speed For Your Law Firm Website
No matter how good your web page's SEO content is, if your page load speed is slow, potential readers will get frustrated with waiting and will leave. They will easily bounce to the next search item on the list and you may have just lost a lifelong client or customer. Therefore, page speed is a very important aspect to your business' SEO strategy and plan. Understanding How Websites Load In order to fix the problem of a slow web page, you first have to understand how the process works. The process starts when a potential client does a search or directly puts your website into a browser. Then, the browser will point toward your website's domain name provider which will then direct the request to the server that holds your web page's files. As the request begins to call up all of the software files that make up your website, your server has to require extra resources so everything can load and function smoothly and simultaneously. This is where the bottleneck could occur. If the server