How Law Firms Can Take Advantage of Photography
Why should attorneys invest in great photography for their law firm's website? Quality photographs on your law firm's website are important because they tell potential clients who you are and that you are trustworthy. Never underestimate the power of a good headshot or group shot of your colleagues and staff in helping you connect with website visitors. When taking pictures for a law firm website, many attorneys opt for a traditional look in which they look serious, with arms crossed looking at the camera. Another typical scene often found on law firm websites is a shot taken in front of a bookcase, court house, with another attorney pouring over books and papers, or the ubiquitous gavel and law books photo. While those kinds of pictures may have once served an attorney well, things are changing. Photographs are another useful tool in law firm marketing and branding. Photographs that resonate with your target audience are a move away from stuffy and serious portraits. Law firms that