Do Not Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of a Law Firm Data Breach
No law firm wants to be the victim of an internal, hostile data breach. However, there have been some high-profile law firms whose internal and client data was hijacked and held ransom by hackers. Given the fact that most law firms, either small, medium or large, have at least some information digitized, it is surprising that this does not happen more often. To add insult to injury, the hackers on the dark web are getting better. They are winning this war. They are better at this than the data security experts. But your law firm does not have to go down the rabbit hole of a law firm data breach. The Nightmare That Was DLA Piper To strike fear in the heart of any law firm that does not think this is a serious threat, one only has to look at the case of the DLA Piper breach in 2017. The 4000+ attorney firm, DLA Piper, is one of the largest, most respected firms in the world. In June of 2017, the firm was effectively shut down worldwide within 20 minutes. Despite the fact that DLA Piper's