Artificial Intelligence and the Power to Change E-Discovery
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become so pervasive in our society today that it is difficult to imagine what we would not use it for. Certainly it would be useful in the legal industry in relation to e-discovery and while the law is not fully at that point yet, pundits indicate they could likely expect to see it being used within the next three years. E-discovery is a mobile and fast-moving target when powered by AI – defined as "technologies that can mimic and enhance human thought processes and capabilities," says senior counsel and co-chair of the E-Discovery & Information Management Group, John Davis with Crowell & Moring. The point of AI, of course, is to automate manual tasks, a bonus that would likely be most welcome when it comes to the discovery process. The massive amount of material that can be generated by discovery could do with a major tweak to expedite the process. When might AI drive even more niches? According to Gartner, an information technology (IT)