A.I. For the Legal Industry to Become More Prevalent?
A recent executive order signed by President Donald Trump, the American A.I. Initiative, directs federal agencies to prioritize A.I. investments, assist in building a workforce in the A.I. world and set governance standards. It is hopefully to be the catalyst many experts believe will define the future of everything from health care to warfare. While the order sounds promising, there are no funds or plan to make it happen. Legal pundits feel that this order may open the door to A.I. technology becoming even more prevalent among attorneys. Given that the Rules of Ethics for U.S. State Bar Associations (Rule 1.1 Competence) state an attorney needs to have this type of expertise to serve their clients, it is startling to find that mostly legal departments at companies are more likely to use A.I. than law firms. IBM Watson Legal co-founder, Brian Kuhn, says in his experience, legal departments are more likely to use A.I. technology than their firms are. The ABA Rule 1.1 says: Maintaining