The Cage is Just the Start - BDSM Mommy Phone Sex Discipline Punishment
Over the last dozen years, I have striped my new phone sex adult baby of everything. I refused him his career when I forced him to retire. I shut the door to sex when I locked his pee pee in a cage. I denied him his liberty away when I told him he could never leave my property without mommy. I daily steal his time when I keep him continually busy playing with his adult mommy. I’ve isolated him from any friends. He has no contact with people. I sold most of possessions other than a few articles of clothing. I’ve robbed him of his manhood by forcing feminization on him. Ha, I even changed his name. Now when I’m feeling like some fun I challenge him to come up with something new I haven’t already taken. I act very disappointed when he can’t think of anything interesting to offer me. He knows what happens when he disappoints me. I can be quite mean. I love watching him desperately thinking of something new I can take from him. It’s still more fun than I imagined it would be. I think he’d say the same thing. Candy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #domination #dommymommy #forcedfeminization