Business Tax Time – March 15 due date | | Bay Business Group LLC
Corporate filing deadline is March 15 The deadline for calendar-year corporations to file 2010 tax returns is March 15, 2011. Is that date arriving faster than you expected? If you're not ready to file your corporate tax return for calendar year 2010 - and in some cases, even if you are - you may want to request a six-month extension of time. Here are four tips. 1. File the extension by the due date of your return. You can mail Form 7004 to the IRS or file it electronically. Either way, be sure to submit it before this year's due date of Tuesday, March 15 (for calendar-year corporations). Remember to send in a separate form for each corporation you own. 2. The extension is for filing only. That means you'll have to estimate and pay any tax due by March 15 in order to avoid penalty and interest charges. 3. The six-month extension is automatic. An approved extension postpones your filing due date to September 15, 2011. You don't have to sign Form 7004, and the IRS no longer sends