Rethink your capital gains strategy this year | | Bay Business Group LLC
The typical investment advice at year-end is to sell losing stocks to offset gains you have taken for the year. This year that strategy may just be the wrong way to go. Here's why. The maximum rate on long-term capital gains is scheduled to rise from the current 15% to 20% next year. Also scheduled for 2013 is an increase in the top rate on dividend income from the current 15% to 39.6%. If you expect these scheduled rates to occur in 2013, it may make sense to harvest gains before year-end. Remember, wash sale rules do not apply to gains, so you can repurchase a similar investment immediately. This tactic may allow you to "reset" your basis for a future sale while benefiting from current low rates. What about investment losses? Despite the uncertainty over a possible increase in tax rates, it's a good bet that some rules -- such as those covering capital losses -- will not change. When pruning stocks from your portfolio, keep in mind that capital losses are more valuable when tax rates