Everyone's Invited
Growing up, we always saw cultures portrayed a certain way on TV and in the media. Something that always stuck out was the fact that a bride always had white skin and a white dress; and if she was from any other background, she was always depicted as being very "traditional" and would always be dressed in a way that made it seem like the "white wedding dress dream" wasn't for them. We want to challenge that! Using our hometown of Toronto, proudly the most-diverse city in the world, as our backdrop, we wanted to show that every bride deserves the chance to be her most authentic and most beautiful self on her wedding day and that she can stay true to her roots even in a white wedding dress! And what's the most Toronto thing we could think of? Pedestrian Sundays down in Kensington Market, of course! With its rich abundance of all types of people and something to look at on every corner, we thought it was the perfect place to really showcase the true essence of our city. But for us, the