Kaspersky Free Antivirus: Review - Avinashtech
One of the most popular Antivirus companies Kaspersky announced a new free version of Antivirus solutions for users worldwide as Kaspersky Free. By announcing a free version of their Antivirus product, Kaspersky is offering a good choice (in addition to existing free antivirus solution from other brands), to Windows PC users who cannot afford a paid Antivirus solution. At Avinashtech, we have never had good opinion about the free Antivirus solutions compared to the paid solutions in spite of being free and we do hope Kaspersky manages to change that our opinion. Here is our review of Kaspersky Free which we are using at the moment on our laptop. Keep in mind that our favorite Antivirus solution till date is Kaspersky Internet Security and we use that only on our Windows PCs.