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On the Road Salvage is a locally owned and operated firm right here in Austin, TX. We've been acquiring junk vehicles for cash in Austin, TX for over two decades. We're experienced and maintain up to date with rates on salvaged autos. We'll do our most effective to give you leading dollar for your junk or wrecked auto in the Austin area. Junk yards never have the greatest reputation, but there are a lot of junk yards that are reputable companies and will give you a fair quantity of cash for your junk vehicle. There are also a lot of junk yards that are shady. The precise number of junk yards that use dishonest techniques is unknown. Even so, study shows there are over 1 million applied cars that have been title washed. This signifies that a vehicle was designated for scrap and was alternatively cleaned up and resold for profit. There are dealers out there who are generating cash and never care about morality and the law. Make sure you do your research and function with a business