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The new Mazda6 making use of Ford?s platform for the Mondeo implies that the Japanese automaker has dropped the CD3 platform which it has been using for the past models. This shift in terms of the platform becoming made use of is portion of Ford?s turnaround program. The Dearborn automaker has shares in Mazda and the two automakers are sharing platforms to reduce down expense in the manufacturing process.According to Mazda?s press release: ?The all-new Mazda6 arrives as a full redesign of Mazda?s 1st model to embody the Zoom-Zoom product philosophy, offering a thrilling drive to all those who nonetheless recall the love of motion initially knowledgeable as a kid.? The Mazda6 is the stick to-up of the automaker to the new Mazda2. The stated new hatchback is smaller than its predecessor hence there are speculations that the new Mazda6 might be smaller than the existing models.Get prepared for the largest tragedy in American history. If the value of gasoline ever goes above five bucks a