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According to Mazda?s press release: ?The all-new Mazda6 arrives as a full redesign of Mazda?s first model to embody the Zoom-Zoom product philosophy, providing a thrilling drive to all these who nevertheless try to remember the appreciate of motion very first knowledgeable as a child.? The Mazda6 is the comply with-up of the automaker to the new Mazda2. The mentioned new hatchback is smaller than its predecessor therefore there are speculations that the new Mazda6 may perhaps be smaller than the existing models.The higher gasoline charges may make it also high priced to travel a long distance to shop at the mall. That would be superior news for the compact businessman. It would bring back the ?Mom and Pop? shops to your neighborhood. It would even enable you to get to know your neighbors better. Big businesses might start out opening up close by in order to be near their staff. There would be much less congestion on the highway and cleaner air.The Ford Mondeo has been nicely received