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Please use a special password as a spammer could hack your account if you have a prevalent password. It has occurred five times this year and in just about every predicament the spammer was in a position to guess the members password. Thanks. all it requires is a two hour class to become a finest buy install technician......just keep in mind that when your automobile catches fire........I had a encounter like the poster above, the 17 year old installer entirely destroyed my door panels then tried to hide his fuk up and pretend like he didn't do it, i had to actually threaten a lawsuit on bestbuy to get them to replace the broken panels and do the right thing, you know, repair what they broke, and they only did that after a letter from my attorney, up until that point they told me I was just shit out of luck. they had every excuse below the sun as to why they should not have to replace one thing they broke.As Corum gets the fundamental radio to function, you can hear what car or truck