Why Your Instagram Engagement Rate Dropped Off? | | Aurosign
Why Your Engagement Rate Low on Instagram? Why Your Instagram Engagement Low? Why is Engagement Tanking on Instagram? Building engagement on social media is not easy. Unless you are extremely popular, it is becoming more difficult to get like, comment and share on practically any platform. And "view" or "reach" is all the engagement you get. Unfortunately, the number of views actually has little relationship to the number of like, comment or share and often becomes a negative indicator of the whole engagement. To make it simple, 50 people who would like, comment or share the post do not really depend on the number of views. You won't find many differences between 100 views and 10,000 views. This is similar to the case of traditional marketing when you put up an advertisement on a highly popular media. You get a lot of audiences but the people who call to ask about your product is just too low. On social media, It can become even worse when the total number of followers brings only a