Why Radio & Television Are Not Digital Marketing Channels | | Aurosign
Digital marketing is a term used to describe all marketing activities in digital channels. And when we say digital, it really means digital in a specific definition. Read more about What is Digital Marketing? There are some marketers who insist that digital marketing includes all electronic channels such as radio, television, electronic billboard and other electronic media. To get this ambiguation straight, we need to go to the basic definition of those two terms, electronic and digital. There is difference between them. Electronic means any devices that is using electron to power up or to make it work. This includes any big machinery equipments from high power mechanical transmitter to the smaller device such as mobile phones are electronic devices. We might also have heard the difference between analog and digital, though both are included as electronic devices. Digital, on the other hand means any devices using numeric values, based on binary values to operate. It is the opposite