What is Responsive Web Design? | | Aurosign
Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets adoption is rapidly increasing. This means user behavior has changed largely and a website needs to adapt to this changes in order to create good user experience by applying mobile-friendly layout. A couple of years ago, the buzz of mobile version website design had come to rise. It's the beginning of adaptable web design trying to set the layout in-sync with every screen, including desktop, netbook, handphone, smartphone, blackberry and any other devices in the market. Though a mobile version website could solve the problem, in the long run, it is not effective. The reason is, it requires a bunch of development jobs to follow various screen resolution in the market. For many websites, creating a mobile version for each device resolution would be impossible since there are unlimited mobile products coming out very fast. On the client side, that means far more cash needs to be budgeted to follow the updated screen size. Responsive web