What is Growth Hacking and Why Does Startup Need A Growth Hacker? | | Aurosign
Whether you're running a startup or just a regular internet savvy, you could have heard about Growth Hacking. The phrase is so revolutionary that it is used by almost anyone in startup environment, and begin to be followed by conventional business practitioners. Why Do You Need To Know About Growth Hacking? In fact, many of them are not able to pull in its strategic features for business advantages. Thus, relying on regular growth techniques. I'm not saying the conventional marketing technique is not working anymore, but as someone who deals with daily operational in business growth, you are not going to limit yourself, are you? So, take this as a new approach to grow. Believe me, you will be learning something after completing this post. Who is This Post For? This post is for entrepreneurs, founders, marketers, leaders or anyone else who is tasked to grow a business startup. If you are running a startup, especially in the early stage, you absolutely need to read this. If you are in