What is Fintech and How It Changes Financial System? | | Aurosign
Fintech is a hot startup topic right now. Fintech is not just another buzz on startup world but it is a technology niche that offer really high oppportunities. We have seen how the internet encouraged innovation in various industries, such as retail (B2B and B2C), entertainment (TV and movie), education (online course), media (news and magazine) and other industries which strongly affect our lifestyle. And it is now the turn of financial industry to grow up. The fact is, we have seen financial system being re-innovated as an online system in the recent years. Take Paypal as an example or bitcoin as another. However, the buzz doesn't really that loud until recent years. So, what is fintech? Fintech is the short form of Financial Technology. It is a way to make financial system much simpler by using advance and 'creative' technology. The reason I added 'creative' technology is because technology is not just about high-end technical stuffs, complex system and hard-core programming, but