Marketing is All About Values | | Aurosign
Brand needs marketing. The right marketing to bring its face upfront. To make it obvious in the world that is very crowded already. Everyone simply wants to stand out. The biggest question is, what would you do to make your brand seen? Working on market research? Boosting social media? Acquiring services from influencers? Placing digital ads on Google? There are a lot that you can do in term of marketing strategy. But before you begin, do remind yourself about the essence of marketing. Marketing is all about Values. You need to lay back one step, try to figure out and understand the value of your brand. What do you sell? What do you want people to portray when seeing your brand? And most importantly, what does your brand stand for? Now, what is this value that is so important? Try to understand these. Coffee is Starbucks, not Starbucks is coffee. Shoes is Nike, not Nike is shoes. Smartphone is iPhone, not iPhone is smartphone. What do they mean? When you want a cup of coffee, you