Is Traditional Advertising Still Effective? | | Aurosign
The market where we are involved in everyday is advancely evolving. If you compare current market to let's say 10 years ago, you will find big differences on market behaviour and spending habits. The penetration of technology and how we use them are the reasons behind these changes. One of the marketing strategy that gets affected a lot is traditional advertising that includes TV commercials, radio advertising, print ads in magazines and newspapers. If you own a company and have budgets for advertising, are you still going to put it in these types of advertising? Are they still as effective? Questioning Traditional Advertising In the digital age, there's a reason why they are called traditional advertising. There are some questions that arise regarding this: Do you still watch TV? Do you listen to radio? Do you read magazines and newspapers? Like me, you may still have, but not as much, and it is getting lesser each day. So, are they still effective? Probably yes, but not as much as