Is The Number of Social Media Followers Important for Business? | | Aurosign
How many times have you heard from your clients asking for the number of followers he can get if they hire you or your agency? Quite a lot? The thing is, social media doesn't work that way. The number of followers is just a number. It means absolutely nothing to your brand or business or your revenue goals if they don't care and don't actively consume your content. Also, people are not referring to how many followers you have when deciding to engage with a social media account, but it's more to the content. Having 1K followers with great posts is far better than having 10K followers with bad contents. So, instead of chasing to gain followers, a brand should be better off creating good content with nice pictures and captions, or engaging videos that tell stories. Trust me, the number of followers will grow eventually. However, as someone who runs a social media agency as well, I deeply understand, it is so hard to explain it to the clients. Most of the time, we are in a difficult