How to Build A Website Design That Sells | | Aurosign
Building a website is not just about building a website. There are main considerations to think about, visual design that is appealing and features that are fully functional. Talking about designing a commercial website, it needs to be as effective as a business channel, directly or indirectly. A direct business channel means a website that is working as a sales machine such as e-commerce website for b2b or b2c, online shop and marketplace. Indirect business channel includes manufacturer website, brand website, web portal and others that are not making sales directly. Normally this type of websites are focusing on information and contents. Each type has different approach in concept and design process. An ecommerce website is focusing on product catalog for hard sales. A brand website is focusing on product information and uniqueness of the product to improve brand value. A web designer should know how to implement the right design concept and framework. He should be able to create a