How Do The Rich Get Rich? | | Aurosign
Everybody wants to be rich. Living in a big house, driving expensive cars, wearing fancy clothes and enjoying fine dining. A luxurious lifestyle as it should be. But wealth doesn't come easy. Everyone likes to be a millionaire, but not everyone is serious about it. Not everyone is willing to really put their efforts to chase their dreams. Everyone loves to be a billionaire, but only a few people know how to become ones. They don't understand what should they do to get rich. Some people even gave up their dreams halfway because, for them, it was too hard to succeed. Let me tell you a story. There was a man, let's call him Pat, who was very poor. He was so poor that he could only afford to eat just one meal a day. Pat had a neighbor who was very rich, named Neil. Looking and comparing his condition with the neighbor, Pat felt very unfair. Why is he not as rich as Neil? Being depressed, Pat thought of giving up his life. And just before he was about to end his life, a man appeared before