8 Free Online Tools And Apps For Your Business | | Aurosign
You have a great idea to start a business. You have also finalised the plan. But you may not noticed that you will also need some tools and apps to assist you in running your startup business. If you are careful about capital and operational budget, you can try these free tools and apps. They are more than enough to help you in getting online, marketing your business, communicate in social media, develop contents and other strategic purposes. You can always consider to go pro when your business grows. So here they are, a great list of online tools and applications to help you success in business. 1. Wordpress Starting as an open source blog platform, it has vastly grown to be very popular. Now it can handle the very simple blog to complicated CMS website. Wordpress is also supported by a very huge community. There are a lot of plugins to improve website functionality and themes for frontend design. You can choose whether to use free or paid ones to build your business website.