7 Things You Won't Regret Investing Money in When Starting a Startup | | Aurosign
If you think about it, starting a startup is a tectonic shift for you. All your attention moves towards the startup, and you focus all your time, money and energy to make each day successful. And that's backbreaking work. Especially when you spread resources thin and invest a lot of them in details your business doesn't need at the moment. But a business does run on money. It also requires an initial cash injection to get day-to-day operations rolling to start making returns. And since there are no returns without investment, here are seven things you won't regret investing money (time or effort) in when starting a business. 1. Conduct market research Market research has to be your first major investment. Without it, it's highly unlikely that you will be able to know how successful your efforts will be or if your products and/or services have the potential to penetrate the market and churn in profit. Start with the 4 Ps (product, price, placement and promotion) to identify what your