5 Important Questions to Answer Before Writing A Business Plan | | Aurosign
We all know that some businesses require capital, small or big. Some industries, even require capital-intensive funding to start and operate. A robust and complete business plan for these industries is definitely a very important element. Writing a good business plan is absolutely necessary for any startup, even though you are not in the condition of seeking investment. A business plan can give you better vision and estimation of what you need to do, how and when will you achieve the goal. Read more about How to Write A Business Plan - 7 Essential Sections in Your Business Plan. Before you begin, there are some questions you need to answer beforehand. These questions are essential to be included in your business plan. Here they are: 1. What is the uniqueness of your product? Have you done any research related to your product? Are there any competitors that produce or sell similar product? If there are, you have to recognize the uniqueness of your product to differentiate it from