10 Differences Between An Investor and An Entrepreneur | | Aurosign
At first, I was assured that anyone involved in business should have known the answers to this question. Why I brought this up as a topic in this business blog is because not too long ago, I have just experienced a discussion with someone who runs business but doesn't seem to understand the difference between an investor and an entrepreneur. I don't want to be judgemental but the discussion has made me wonder if the differences are really not that obvious for some business people. Starting a company is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it and be successful. There are many ups and downs going on in the process. However, knowledge, strong will, passion and persistence are highly required to be an entrepreneur. An investor only comes out when there's necessity in doing so. In other words, no profitable potential means no investment. If I am going to be analogically speaking, an entrepreneur is a builder and an investor is a gardener. So here they are, 10 top differences between an