Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 | AtomicTAG - Digital transformation in a box!
HHKB is a mechanical keyboard for minimalists – it contains only a small set of 60 keys or so. HHKB PRO 2 KEY COMBINATIONS The Ctr (Control) Key is above Shift Key. F1 to F10 are mapped via Fn (Function Key) with 1 to 9, and 0.F11 and F12 are pressed via Fn + (-) and (+) respectively.Insert = Fn + |Delete can also be pressed via Fn + ~Backspace = Fn + DeleteArrow keys: Fn + { (UP), Fn + ? (DOWN), Fn + ; (LEFT) and Fn + " (RIGHT)Home: Fn + KEnd: Fn + And, you would need to set your keyboard to region USA otherwise, some keys are not possible e.g. \ key will be # instead in UK. As you probably can figure out, the keyboard is for heavy Linux/Unix users with the love for Vi/Vim.