How to use tags to adjust Pepper's intonation | AtomicTAG - Digital transformation in a box!
This table represents the values to set in the tag of the table it's used to set Pepper's voice: tag value Voice height \ Vct = 135 \ 50 to 200 Voice speed \ Rspd = 110 \ 50 to 400 Weight \ Pau = 1000 \ 1000/1 second Voice volume \ Vol = 50 \ 0 to 100 The default settings makes quite hard to to listen to long sentences and the voice height is a bit too low, so when speaking quite a bit, the speed is around 90 or 100 and the height of the voice depends on the words. Normally I am using about 170 lines when I am happy with about 145 or when my tension is rising. You may try setting the intonation only by the height of the voice, but I think that it will not work as you are expecting because words will be chopped when you set the voice height setting to shred words. Here at this link you can find more detailed information that covers also other customisation capabilities of ALTextToSpeech module.