How to naturally lose weight | Arootha
Many of would like to lose some weight and would love to have a healthy lifestyle and better appearance. While eating good and regular exercise can help us to control and maintain good weight, most of us can not do that due to various reasons such as busy schedule, hectic work, chores or simply, laziness. How you gain weight ? Before getting started, we think that it is good to explain how you gain weight, of course, we would like to make it small and simple. We get our energy from food and the energy is measured in calories. We need to take certain amount of calories to do anything. Be it walking, working, sports etc. So in case if we are taking more calories than we require, it will be converted to fat and also results in weight gain. There are much calories in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So in short, if we consume more calories than we need, it will result in weight gain. Now here we are presenting you some ways to lose weight. Just wanted to tell you that, we don't want you