Benefits of apple cider vinegar | Arootha
Apple cider vinegar is one of most famous type of vinegar. It is made by fermenting sugar which is present in apple. Sugars are converted into alcohol by fermentation and acetobactor bacteria the converts this alcohol into acetic acid and malic acid. Apple cider vinegar is traditionally used for medicinal purpose and cooking purpose and preservation as well. Hence we have made a list of the benefits apple cider vinegar. Good for weight loss Apple cider is useful for weight loss. A study shown that those who take apple cider had considerably lower weights than people who do not use apple cider vinegar. This study needs more in depth research to confirm the authenticity. However, as per the studies, those who took apple cider had considerably lower amounts of weight and fat. It kills bacteria Apple cider vinegar is know for its ability to kill bacteria. Taking it may help to reduce bacterial infection. For Dandruff treatment. It can be used for dandruff treatment. Mix Apple cider with