The Big Tiny Coffee House Challenge Winners | ArchiTravel
The Big Tiny Coffee House Challenge invited participants to reinvent the staple of modern urban culture: the coffee shop. Participants were tasked with expanding the premise of the modern coffee shop, creating a design that could be easily replicated in miniscule locations across northern Europe. They were asked to look past the traditional lounge motif that permeates today's coffee shop culture, and create a new iconic look for the caffeine dispensary. The jury's primary focus when selecting winning projects was this iconic flair, showing a preference for those designs that were easily recognisable, and as such could be used to build a brand around their structure/project. First prize was awarded to the "Coffee Podium" by Lau Wai Lap from Hong Kong. Constructed predominantly from scaffolding, the Coffee Podium flipped the concept of a coffee house on its head, creating a temporary structure that revels in its pop-up nature. With room for a single barista on the elevated platform, the