Simplicity: Architecture for Human | ArchiTravel
By: Stamatia Koloniari Simplicity is the base of our creation. It is what we are made of. Simple things have deep feeling. Human has simple needs. When he fulfills them, he feeds his inner star to shine bright and so he keeps walking, he keeps living. And he needs an embracing environment for that to happen. That is where Architecture takes place. We often forget that the center of the designing process is Human. All we are asked as architects is to create environments that will give people spaces to express themselves. We have specific needs as humans. Those needs have boundaries of time and space. Our first step is to observe, to comprehend. To get to know the real Human. Us. Starting with Ourselves. Starting with Myself. Getting to know myself is a process that actually happens every day. It is something that happens to my work as an architect too. Every single line I draw down to paper creates and forms behavior. Of course I am going to make mistakes. But what I mainly need is to