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Winners Announced for Eleven's International Biomimicry Competition. International online magazine and competition generator Eleven is excited to announce the winners of their latest ideas and design competition Biomimicry. In a world in search of a more environmentally friendly existence, where best to look for inspiration than nature itself? This is where Biomimicry - the practice of looking for solutions to problems through studying natural systems and designs - comes into its own. Biomimicry is more than the name suggests. In fact, it promotes emulating over simply mimicking. For centuries, nature has played a leading role as an inspirational model of innovation. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, the genius of nature has been a muse for mankind's own greatness to flourish. Today, we live in a world which is critically trying to find a more sustainable future, and yet Biomimicry is still, in many ways, a very niche subject, practiced by the few and