Zoku Amsterdam | ArchiTravel
Zoku Amsterdam, the first to open, is situated in the 'Metropool building' at the Weesperstraat, a former office building by architect Arthur Staal. When you come from the city on your bike, like a typical Amsterdam resident, and leave the Rijksmuseum and skinny bridge behind you, you see a glimpse of a modernistic building with a seemingly floating top floor. Arthur Staal, also known for the Shell tower in the north of Amsterdam, always added something special to his buildings, known as 'the crown'. On this crown concrete designed a traditional Dutch greenhouse, one of its kind in Amsterdam, which is connected to the existing structure. © Ewout Huibers The guests' first meeting with Zoku will be on top of the Metropool building, walking through a green oasis but still connected to the bustling city thanks to the amazing views. All public functions are allocated in the crown on the top floor. As soon as the guests enter the living room on the top floor and leave the