Webster Street Residence | ArchiTravel
Situated in a well-established uptown neighborhood of otherwise ornate, traditional Southern homes, the Webster Street Residence stands out for its modern use of brick, storefront glazing, metal trim, and contemporary detailing. The clients, with whom studioWTA has worked extensively on other developments, have substantial experience designing from the ground up. This allowed the home's interior to be a highly-refined example of clean modernism grounded in careful detailing and rich material choices, rather than stark minimalism. © Sara Essex Bradley Through the front gate and up a few meandering pavers, an oversized, custom wood-clad pivot door leads into a dining area and library. The path then descends to a sunken limestone floor living space with twenty-foot tall ceilings. The scale of this interior offers a liveliness by tying together private spaces above to living below, and welcoming the full-scale views of the oak trees into the living room through a large