TNT Centre | ArchiTravel
The TNT Centre is a transparent and inspiring building. The orientation and layout of the building have been determined by the site, the local urbanistic structure and the surrounding landscape. The building is anchored in its location: it 'knows where it stands' and as such is a connective structure. Connectivity in an urbanistic, logistics and social sense is the core concept of sustainability. After all, a building's sustainability is not only determined by the choice of material, energy-efficient applications, the limiting of CO2 emissions and flexibility in its future utilisation. Sustainable also – and primarily – means: neither damaging one's immediate surroundings nor the local natural environment and community. A building can inflict damage when it denies its connection with its surroundings. At the same time, a connective building influences social interaction: it brings people together and promotes professional and social contacts. In the TNT Centre this function has been