Sinnott Residence | ArchiTravel
An Iconic Angular Home with Timeless Attraction This house took its form as a direct response to its context. Three principal contextual concerns had to be accommodated: a neighboring house, which is elevated 10 feet above the grade of the project lot and presented an ugly edge; a desire to orient the house to take advantage of afternoon light; an existing grove of established trees on the southwest corner of the site. © John Linden and Lars Frazer The geometrical shift in plan was introduced to open the house to the afternoon sun. This was achieved by angling the mass of the living room, dining room and entry toward the northwest, off of the orthogonal grid of the rest of the house. Additionally, this shift served to screen the garden and the house from the neighboring residence to the north. The shifted mass is articulated with a vaulted copper roof, further delineating the two elements of the composition of the house. © John Linden and Lars Frazer