School for Ornamental Metalwork and Blacksmithing | ArchiTravel
The new building houses both courses - ornamental metalwork and blacksmithing - in order to provide the students (adult education and evening classes) with all modern comforts while creating a showcase for the craft. The plot is located on a site with two other schools, the CVO and the Erasmus University College, which form a campus. With its compact form, the new school similarly inhabits the space. The plot was selected so that the rest of the site can be used as a green area. © Bart Heijnens Architecture The new school comprises a platform of approximately 1,525m² and is based on the patio model for reasons of security and noise control. Transparent sectional doors are employed to allow views of the patio and between the various forges. © Bart Heijnens The chosen form enables efficient and shared use of the technical areas and installations. The building has a concrete plinth of 1m20. The rest of the facade and roof is covered by a copper-coloured