Koyasan Guest House | ArchiTravel
We designed a new guesthouse for young people from all over the world at Koya-san, the head temple of the Shingon sect founded 1200 years ago, the UNESCO world heritage. It is a mixture of Japanese capsule type hotel in which the privacy is well protected, and dormitory in which the communication among the guests is active. Every single room directly faces a hall so that you can choose proper distance with other guests ensuring the privacy. Selecting of thin wooden structure, resulting that the burden load per one pillar is relatively light, visibility of environmental facilities for easier maintenance and the simple composition of the space allow not the only owner of this guest house but also guests to maintain, modify and keep on using this architecture for a long time. © Toshiyuki Yano We made two different scale spaces, one is a lounge for 20 people and the other is single room of a mattress size, by setting a simple wooden continuing structural frame. The