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Five small artificial islands mark the border between the suburban expansion of Almere Stad -the new neighborhood 'Noorderplassen West'- and the nature area 'Noorderplassen'. House with 11 views is located on one of these islands. Although the distinction between culture and nature is palpable, both are part of the same polder landscape. A landscape that had its origin on the design table and was created out of nothing. With this context in mind, the villa was designed as an abstract white box, that stands on the island as an object. In the design historicizing architectural references were avoided since it would simply ignore the fact that this environment is new. A more abstract, conceptual approach was chosen, offering the freedom to experiment and to apply unconventional materials and construction principles. The abstract architecture also offers the direct environment the freedom to develop its own identity. © Filip Dujardin © Filip Dujardin White box