Garden House | ArchiTravel
This is a house to live inside and outside. In terms of its composition, interiors 1, 2 and 3 are roughly the same size in area as exteriors 1, 2, and 3. Both the interior and the exterior have similar areas, fabrication, finish, and density of the furniture and plants. In these ways, the interior and the exterior of the house are treated equally as much as possible. © Sergio Pirrone The interior rooms are habitable but have widths of a corridor. Furniture, plants, and a kitchen scatter in them. The shallow interior width sometimes gives the impression that the interior and the exterior have flipped. The exterior space surpasses its function as a garden or terrace and serves as a free space that could be used as a room. The kitchen, which is fixed as a facility, also gives the freedom of allowing you to eat the food you cooked there wherever you like instead of dictating how and where you ought to live and occupy space. Both the interior and the exterior can be