Clover House Kindergarten | ArchiTravel
MAD Architects have completed their first project in Japan, the Clover House Kindergarten. Located in the small town of Okazaki, the school's setting boasts views of the paddy fields and mountains, characteristic of the Aichi Prefecture. The kindergarten was originally operated out of the old family home of siblings Kentaro and Tamaki Nara, which soon became too small and unfit for expanding their educational goals. The siblings desired to create a modern educational institution where children could feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes, allowing them to grow and learn in a nurturing setting. "It was important to create a kindergarten that felt like a home, and give the kids the best possible house to grow up in, one that promotes their learning and creativity," stated Ma Yansong, founder and principal partner of MAD Architects. © Koji Fujii/Nacasa & Partners Inc. © Koji Fujii/Nacasa & Partners Inc. MAD was commissioned by the family