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01. RESTRICTIONS: The general volume, height, width, setbacks and program distribution constitute some of the physical aspects that are strictly regulated by the municipality in this area of Bogota. Most of the volume is already preconfigured in buildings constructed under these parameters, especially when commercial interests demand maximum permitted construction of square and cubic meters. This hotel configures an attempt to breach or permeate the norm. It is slim and presents four open facades due to the lateral setbacks. The facades set back to create a double skin system of metal and glass, while the main façade reflects the urban context and projects 1,5 m, maximum allowed by regulation. Vehicular and pedestrian access are located at the same level, this frees an extra floor for guest rooms. Common areas occupy the basement level with zenithal lighting. © Andrés Valbuena © Santiago Pinyol 02. PERFORATIONS, WINDOWS, HALLWAYS, PROJECTIONS: The building